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Beat the heat with these simple recipes

With summer upon us, we bring you a few simple ways to beat the heat. Try these simple recipes at home that won’t burn a hole into your pocket…

Mango sorbet

Make the most of the mango season. To make a sorbet, you will need only three ingredients — mango, honey and water. Scoop out the mango pulp and freeze. Blend the frozen mango pulp, honey and water in a blender and freeze again. Scoop out the frozen sorbet and garnish with diced mangoes and serve.

Fruit salad

A variety of fruits flood the market during summer. So, make the most of this, pick your favourite fruits and turn them into a fresh salad. Choose from watermelon, kiwi, mangoes and more. Dice your choice of fruits and, voila, your summery salad is ready.

Breakfast smoothie

This one’s for those who like breakfast on the go. In a blender, put ripe banana, almonds, honey and some berries, like blueberry or raspberry, and blend it together for a power-packed breakfast smoothie.



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